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4 Reasons to Choose Granite Countertops:

1. Granite increases home value.

Whether you are installing granite countertops in a new home or replacing existing countertops in preparation for a home’s sale, granite countertops often increase a home’s value. Those on the hunt for a new house often look at the kitchen and adjacent family room spaces first, as those areas generally serve as the main living and entertaining areas. And a kitchen furnished with stunning granite countertops is a huge draw. When dealing with such a significant selling point, installing the right material can make all the difference.

2. Low maintenance requirements.

Kitchens are often high-traffic areas, so it’s important to choose a countertop material that is able to withstand the use. Granite is nearly impossible to crack or break, and tolerates high activity without requiring much maintenance at all. A little soap and water, along with regular sealing keep granite countertops looking great.

3. Granite won’t go out of style.

Granite has been around for centuries, and won’t disappear anytime soon. Its numerous desirable qualities – durability, beauty and value – make it a top choice in households today, and will for years to come. While other countertop materials experience peaks in popularity followed by drifting interest, granite’s track record for remaining at the top of the market makes it a great choice.

4. Durability, durability, durability.

Granite’s unique and complex structure makes it a poster-child for durability. As the second hardest material on earth landing just short of diamond, granite surfaces last a lifetime. When properly sealed, granite countertops hold up to the highest temperatures, resist staining and scratching, and keep their shine and richness for years to come.

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